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“I chose to work with Mel after many years of searching for the ‘right’ coach for me. Although I help clients create long-term visions for their business, when it comes to my own business I tend to struggle.

Mel has a particular style – she is down to earth, practical whilst at the same time encourages you to think really creatively using some very different techniques.

I realised during working with Mel that I was more aware than I thought about the long term vision of my Company, and she has a lovely way of drawing this out from you. She not only gives you the space to think creatively but is also extremely encouraging and enthusiastic.

I now have a clearly articulated long-term vision and practical milestones to reach that. I am now more energised than ever about devoting my efforts to this cause, as for the first time ever I can actually see the steps to creating it.

I would highly recommend Mel to anyone looking for more clarity in any form whether it be creating long-term vision or their next steps. Thank you Mel!

Alison Warner, Director Evolve & Grow / former Starbucks HR Manager, UK and Ireland

Mel’s approach to ‘life coaching’ is immensely practical and down to earth, but exploring the philosophies behind her work is also very much part of her style. For me the most important aspect of her approach is that she let me discover the answers for myself, which of course was the best way to ensure I really understood what was happening and how I could go about changing things.

The conversations were very relaxed yet focussed and Mel’s supportive style allowed me to discuss fundamental and sometimes uncomfortable self-truths without feeling vulnerable. Her sense of clarity is also very strong, making sure I understood everything at each stage of the process. I left each session feeling empowered, positive and further along the road to the solutions I was seeking.

Within six weeks of once-weekly phone sessions, each of an hour, I was where I had hoped I would be – focused, optimistic and energised. These were the qualities I used to have and at some point had lost. Through Mel’s sessions I learnt how and why this had happened, what I had to do to get back on track and what I should do to retain this positive momentum in the future. 

Felix Cross, M.B.E.

“I felt I was lacking a clear sense of where I was heading and how to develop my business to create regular, satisfying, financially sustainable work. Mel’s approach combines powerful work on vision with practical steps and useful techniques for overcoming obstacles and moving towards achieving one’s goals.

She has a brilliant way of helping to draw out what’s important to a person. In particular, I loved creating my ‘vision-board’ and ‘vision statement’ and still look at both regularly; I find them really energizing, uplifting and inspiring, and I truly believe that opportunities have come about as a result of this work.

In the shorter term, I applied the coaching process to work on a key project and it was incredible to see my vision come to life. I achieved my income target and surpassed expectations in many other areas of the project.

New opportunities have opened up for me over the past few months – new leads, clients, networks and projects – I’m definitely in a better position in terms of creating regular work, growing my business and moving towards achieving my vision.

I believe this work has created a strong foundation on which to build and I’m really excited to see how things develop.

I would absolutely recommend Mel! I think she’s a fantastic coach and lots of businesses and individuals would greatly benefit from working with her. On top of everything else, she makes the whole process fun!”

Pauline Milligan, Director, Streatham Food Festival

“I decided to work with Mel because she is an expert in marketing and I was looking for someone who supported me in formulating who I am and what my services can offer to potential clients. Mel supported me in formulating in asking questions and in supporting me to articulate what I actually have to offer and also to speak about my capability to empower people.

I am now able to “pitch” my product. Mels approach is fun, humorous and playful. She creates a space for dialogue and empowerment for a person like me, who hates to speak about herself.

She invited me to collage my vision of my new clients as well as how I see my coaching practice. A process that I very much enjoy, as it is visual and great possibility to express oneself without having to talk. The images spoke for themselves.

I have been able to acquire 2 new clients within 3 months. I feel confident to approach people and speaking about my services without having the impression that I boast.

I would definitely recommend Mel. She is inspiration, tactful, challenging, rigorous and at the same calm and kind in her approach.”

Marilyn Rixhon, Chrysalide

“I chose to work with Mel because I needed support to develop my on-line identity and product portfolio, and being self-employed I found this hard to do on my own. So I wanted a collaborator to bounce ideas off who was also an expert in marketing.

Although I have some expertise in this area myself it is much harder I think to market yourself and so Mel provided me with a structure, a sounding board and her professional advice. She was also very positive, supportive and encouraging, and made me feel great about myself and inspired me to get on with it.

Although I decided not to pursue my web site etc. as my plans changed I had had a very positive experience working with Mel that had left me feeling inspired to raise my game which I did.

If you need to develop your personal or business marketing, and if you need someone to draw your best ideas out of you and leave you feeling motivated and inspired to get into action then Mel is your person.”

Anne Feeney, Executive Coach

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